..: Link vs. Zero :..

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[2006... I was young, lol]

Original Commentary (hehe):

My first flash movie!, Enjoy!!

Link Sprites by: SemiJuggalo

Sorry for the music quality.

>>>Low quality<<<

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I will still remember this from back in the day... How I learned about Linklin parks thanks to this guy.

It's weird now that Mega Man is in "Super Smash Bros" now. I don't know if Zero is. Honestly, that game got so massive I lost count a long time ago. I really do love this. It's mostly because of that awesome song you use. I was afraid that you would stop using it after awhile.

Luckily, you kept on! This reminds me of the old sprites used for me in Kirbopher's TTA series. Yes, that was me. Anyway, this was a great start for a first flash movie. It might not be that original, but it's fun.

This is pretty good for a first movie. Still, it would've been much better if it had a faster pace, sound effects and more appropriate music.

Why Zero have blood and why Link still alive after having lost so much blood?

Pretty much have the same message as everyone else, but holy balls. Watched this way back in the day, I remember waiting forever for my dial-up to load it, and when it was finished, being completely blown away. This was my introduction to sprite Flashes and sprites in general, and it still holds up to this day. Way to go, guy.