Jesus and Mohammed

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If only the world could get on how Jesus and Mohammed do! Sorry if this upsets anyone.


not long enough

honestly i can't see how anyone could find that offensive, you didn't insult either Jesus or Mohammed and the only bad point for this video is its too short.

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i'm sick and tired of fanatics who complain about stuff that is harmless. they should understand that it was a stupid joke and thats it! but we both know jesus and mohammad wouldn't get along...jesus has gases

jaytmek responds:

damn right! thanks for the review!

this sucked balls

you suck!!!! you have no respect for muslims!! AND FUCK DENMARK!!!!

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jaytmek responds:

you are correct sir, not the people themselves but the religion, along with christianity and any other religion for that matter. I am tired of everyone making such a big deal about what they believe, if you believe it, then fuck off and believe it, it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks. This is a view from the outside from someone who has no religious or political background, nor cares to ever develop such. I insulted jesus as much as mohammed, i've not had any christians throwing a hissy fit about it... i like to think if there IS a divine spirit, he/she would at least have a sense of humour, as he/she must of created it for us to have it, right?


it's nice to see a video with Jesus that doesn't seem to be insulting him lol that's coming from someone who's pretty religious lol anyway I don't think Muslims should be offended either I'm sure Muhammed would've laughed at both the cartoons so many people protested and this flash good job!

Freedom of speech!

Well that does it, controversy is the key! Nice and easy

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Feb 22, 2006
5:01 PM EST
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