Primal War 05

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*UPDATE* Feb.22,2009 : about three years since the chapter was origionally made I decided to do a little changes, sort of a redux.I updated some of the look to match the final entries.I went back on the reviews and took the good advise that were given , also I learned a little more about flash since 2006 so I updated some effects as well.



Very well animated. Seemed almost flawless. Yep pretty much - great job! I think I will go watch 3 actually and the others. Hope you get teh motivation to make more. I felt compelled to not prematurely click "x" cause I was bored. This Flash Rox My Socks. Keep 'em comin'!


you can obviously MAKE a flash, but its boring, no offense, the only part where i was slightly amused was when they pulled out guns, i'm like..whoa wait...guns? wtf...lols...so yea...i mean, you have a plot, but your flash is pretty dull =/...maybe its just this time, but if you have problems coming up with a story, you could consider maybe working with another flash artist...

good graphics

good u used you own style

Really impressive

the animation and the backgrounds are simply incredible and the story is getting interesting ,hope to see part 6 soon

i liked it alot it seemed differant

definately an unuasual movie...was like some weird anceint war except with those weird creatures...then you pulled out the automatics...alot better then i tought it would be and i REALLY liked the animation

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4.12 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2006
12:45 PM EST