Primal War 05

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*UPDATE* Feb.22,2009 : about three years since the chapter was origionally made I decided to do a little changes, sort of a redux.I updated some of the look to match the final entries.I went back on the reviews and took the good advise that were given , also I learned a little more about flash since 2006 so I updated some effects as well.



This is becoming a great series. The animation style is fantastic, the action is good, and there's at least a decent plot to back it up.
Keep developing the characters- they should have unique personalities. Right now, they all seem like the strong-macho types. I'm sure that it will work out in time.
You've got me hooked. Gimme more.

great job

that was fantastic,huge fan of the series and even if its not the best of the series,its still a great flash and i think you can expect am award coming your way cause its the best flash ive seen so far today,love the graphic and the plot is always intesting and well done,keep making more you got a lot of talent...

Very much do i like.

Good animation but you REALLY need toimprove your openings. e.g Loader and text. Good, but not the best.



I've seen your other movies and i'l just say,these series rock!The graphics,animation and sounds are great.This is going for my favorites,thank you for such a nice experience,i will remember this long.

Thank you and good luck,

Impressive mood

Without having seen the previous episodes this animation was a great experience. From the first scene I just leaned back in my chair and settled in, it was like watching a feature film.

The character animation was very powerful in its simplicity, and the pacing in your story telling was perfect. What really blows me away are your amazing backgrounds. You manage to create a world that feels vibrantly alive and utterly convincing - undoubtly the one thing that I will remember best from your animation.

It was also nice to see how you used the rain as extra impact in the story (and how you got away with using rain for so long without it becoming tedious). Also, your use of music gave an extra edge to the whole thing - I actually believe dialogue would have been a let down.

All in all I find this flash to be one of those gems that makes me return to Newgrounds. I am off to watch the other episodes.

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4.12 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2006
12:45 PM EST