Primal War 05

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*UPDATE* Feb.22,2009 : about three years since the chapter was origionally made I decided to do a little changes, sort of a redux.I updated some of the look to match the final entries.I went back on the reviews and took the good advise that were given , also I learned a little more about flash since 2006 so I updated some effects as well.


I always have to comment on your work

That was good now I just want to see more.

Action packed and thriller filled

Really loved the different angles you played your animation from, giving it vararity and taste. Loved the drawings and the charecters. The artwork was well suited for this kind of flash and although it didn't run very smoothly it still gave it style.

Well done

Great Flash

This was really a great piece, I enjoyed it immensely, great action. I loved how you were able to give the characters some personality and style even though they didn't speak.

My only (minor) complaint is with a story point--its very unlikely two guys with bows and arrows could beat two guys with automatic weapons, especially out in the open like that. Not impossible, but still...

Otherwise, great job. Looking forward to more.

What happend to the monkey

wheres the monkey he shouldve like met up with them or something show him in the next one

I liked it alot

Very well done animation. The lion should learn to fight better for his men to risk themselves to save him though.lol He is the king of the jungle.

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4.12 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2006
12:45 PM EST