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As of FEB 16 2007, I learned who the TRUE author of the soundtrack was. He recently made an account on NG and submitted his work. He contacted me concerning several things, one being credit distribution.

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/view.php?id=186403 4

Sorry DJ B.a.r.



Folks, this was the original weapon's instrumental piece to craze the internet. The Ballad of Blackmesa by Ronaldthecock, Battlefield 2 gun sounds by Serpento99, and CoD4 gun sounds by Serpento99 were all inspired by THIS flash, NOT the other way around. This is the ORIGINAL.

This submission predates all of their Youtube accounts, and the song, published in 2002 by DJ B.a.r., predates Youtube itself; Neither I, nor DJ B.a.r. could have possibly gotten the inspirations or idea from Youtube.


Very creative

I have to say that I enjoyed it. The sounds fit nicely with the animations. The graphics looked like crap, but the use of sounds were obvously the real point. Very creative and well made.

StealthBeast responds:

XD Maybe you shoulda check out DJ B.a.r. in the audio portal. It's HIS song. Anyway, glad you liked it.


man, i mostly don't really care for this kinda thing, but you did a really nice job. the only thing i didn't like is how repditive the video is

StealthBeast responds:

Yeah i really shoulda mixed it up a bit more lol. Thanks for the review.

You made it to the top 10! great

You deserve to stay on #3, in my opinion.
It was very well done.

StealthBeast responds:

I shoulda made it to the top ONE in my opinion XD.

Nahh... not really.

Glad you liked it!


When I started loading it up and say the little blurbs in the preloader, I wasn't expecting much. Nonsensical, unfunny bullshit will do that, but once I hit play, all previous judgments vanished.
The video itself repeats many of the same scenes over and over again, which was a little tiring, but it's not the video that really makes this submission great; it's the sounds.
Using sounds found in Counter-Strike to create not only a beat, but an AWESOME beat is awesome. Think soundrecorder.exe only using guns firing instead of the normal sounds in Windows.
One thing I am a little disappointed in was the lack of the radio command sounds like "Fire in the Hole!" or "Go, go go!" which could have been used effectivly to give the beat a little something extra. But as it is, it's still worthy of your time.

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StealthBeast responds:

I didn't make the music. You can thank DJ B.a.r. for that ^_^ go check him out in the audio portal and review his song. Thanks for the review. Sorry for the late response, I'm swamped =_=

perfect aint enought

aoah das pretty awesome shitt man
i added tis 2 havz :)
ahh & the replay butten dun works

StealthBeast responds:

yeah I never did fix that damn button XD Glad you liked it. Thanks for the review, Sorry for the late response, I'm swamped =_=

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Feb 22, 2006
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