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Greetings Newgrounds users!

I am going to show you some examples of Microsoft entertainment/Bungie corporation's "Halo" as only the Star Syndicate can do it!

WARNING! There are loud noises so shut the hell up! You guys sit around like lazy asses anyway.


uhhhhhhhh ok

ummm im gonna make this short and sweet what the hell i think it could use some work

Starberry responds:

a few of them could have been a bit longer, but i think the animation is a lot better than some people think!

lol wtf?

im a big ass halo fan and i dont know if you guys are making fun of it or what, but the author that has been writing all the responses to the reviews kicks ass, cause he loved the gayest showdown and he hate fuckers on the internet almost as much ias i do, so yea i think u could do better but what the fuck do i know

Starberry responds:

i'm sure that rexco enjoys playing halo, i have played it too, it's an ok game i mean there are better ones out there but there's nothing too bad with the game itself!

sadly, aside from the characters, i'm not sure that there was actually a real spoof of halo, aside from in numbers' part.

That goddamn fight song agian

Ack in Psychomidget submission is that fight song from Proxicide's MK vs SF2 submission. Everyone been abusing that song...

Starberry responds:

that song is a ytmnd fad song called Pompeii by ES Posthumus or whatever. it was definately used on ytmnd quite some time ago.

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