-=The SS Halo Collab=-

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Greetings Newgrounds users!

I am going to show you some examples of Microsoft entertainment/Bungie corporation's "Halo" as only the Star Syndicate can do it!

WARNING! There are loud noises so shut the hell up! You guys sit around like lazy asses anyway.



Wow you really maked me laugh here!! that was the fucking funnyest halo movie i ever seen speccialy that fucking S.O.B clown :D thumbs up!!!

Starberry responds:

halo gameboard is the greatest halo movie ever sorry


that...ummm...really sucked.


thats about the highest praise i can give for this movie. if you really want help to create a GOOD flash instead of just screaming into the microphone and making a crappy animation to it, then click on my name and send me an email.

Starberry responds:

why the hell would i waste time sending you an email

A typical collab

First off I liked the pre-loader, but the picture you added just stuck out there and didn't look like it belonged... so maybe cutting the background out from the picture would make it blend in more. Just a thought.

I cracked a smile while watching psychomidget's clip, like just seeing a guy get shot for so long will become funny... you just have to wait. =)

Smellyasdfman has some good drawings but from lack of movement and animation it wasn't entertaining to watch.

Roflmuffinglock showed alot of effort in his clip, there was alot of shading and detail on his halo character and I was impressed with how he made the visor on his helmet look so realistic. But the screamer was predictable and not so fun.

Starberry's was kinda weird, like when the halo guy screamed and used the famous screamer noise I laughed a little, but other then that it was a pretty boring clip.

Numbers has some awesome artistic skills, but hes not helping himself by using real people pictures and drawign them a black mouth to make them look like their talking.. come on that hasn't been funny in years.

Congrats rexco on getting 3. It's so nice of you to share that with the world.

Overall many of you have talent and are naturals with flash animation, but your going in the wront direction with it. It's too bad I'm sure you guys could come up with something really good.

Starberry responds:

in a serious note, congrats on writing a really long review that has an overall score of 3 but is not an angry rant!!11

that was flippen funny i liked it

out of 1 through 10 i would give that a 15 scince it was so dang funny i on the floor laughing my head off

Starberry responds:

halo master 951 is at the space jam

Fantastic work

From some of the best authors on newgrounds. Superb animation and an overall impresive flash. 56337344132175635385638568346/5

Starberry responds:


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2.87 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2006
12:13 AM EST
Comedy - Parody