ZEH: Blee Oh Noes

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DAILY FIFTH PLACE: Cool. Thanks peoples.

The main character dies. Oh shits, I just spoiled it for you.

I started this a very long time ago, but only recently finished it, so much of the animation in the movie is of very shitty quality. The sound quality is shitty as well. Hopefully the humor will make up for everything else.


More Please Master!!

the graphis were ok, this is ture and i really mean it. graphis 7.
the style was freggin awsome and funny too. style 10.
sound... well i still give 7 for ur best.
violence 5.
interactivity 6.
five thing that are funny, first, the dude spaz head exploited, fuckin funny, second funny was the girl didn't hug Zeh, third, the turck driver was singing the jolly xmas with the ugly face funny, fourth, Blee dug up Zeh body and make him alive, fifth, when Blee put a doritos chip, it was fuckin funny. all the five funny are a 10 for humor.
overall 10,

P. S. please more episodes of Zeh adventures.

its ok

it didnt suck. i liked that it was kinda random.


hmm before this review... you kinda got a lot of bashing from idiots...
The only issue i had with it.. was sound.. subtitles could fix it easily, besides i kinda got used to it...
Ok.. so the jokes weren't the best.. still made me smile.. its not like blockhead funny.. but.. really.. it was pretty good.

Graphics issues? wow.. not at all.. dunno what flash these guys are reviewing.. but hell.. some of the stuff was pretty good...

I liked the character design too.. wasn't special.. but.. just had no problems with it.

Seen much more worse stuff get onto the site... be proud of your daily 5th! :)



This is a piss-poor attempt at a flash cartoon, you tried random humour and failed. You tried voice recording programs and failed. I can draw better in MS PAINT with a ball-mouse.

Listen, predictable humour isn't random nor is it funny in the least. I have no idea what kind of 13-year-old fan base you have to make it in the dailies but this is just crap. Not bad enough to be blammed but still deserves to be stored in the back of Newgrounds where nobody will ever view it again.

this wasnt good. in fact it sucked

this sucked ass..enough said

Keith2002 responds:

I like your tie.

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3.55 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2006
10:34 PM EST
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