Super Monkey Poop FIght

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You are a monkey that is trying to find his way home after escaping hunters that tried to kidnap him. The only way you can defend yourself is with the only weapon you have: poop!

Use the arrow keys to move walk left and right, and to duck.
Press "A" to throw poop. Use the arrow keys to throw poop in different directions.
Press "S" to jump.
While walking, press A to run.
While jumping, press the up arrow key to climb on a vine or grab onto a branch.

Two helpful notes:
- Eat bananas to fill your poop meter
- Ladders are only for humans, monkeys climb vines



one of the funniest games ive played
great old school graphics-top quality

a classic

nice game in classic style, but why there's no sound in game?you know add little sound effect may let this game be more impressive.

Great Retro Game ! ! !

I Like Games in Retro, Old School Style.

Great Job, fun game with a Basic Plot to it.

this game was poo

slow reaction time between throws, actually overall play was too slow for me. instructions in the game would be nice even though it is not difficult to figure out. Poop splattering noises would have made it far more humorous. I gave it some humor points for making me laugh when the monkey gets pooped on by the bird, but was not pleased with the villagers being killed with one poo when it takes 3 to kill the others.

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Really fun!

When I first played it, the controls were pretty hard. Then, I got used to them and started doing pretty good. I really like the idea! It looks so much like a real game! Especially with sprites like those! It made me feel like I was playing a real game! Though, it would've really helped if you put sound in it. It was really addicting. I am really glad you made it so you can continue on the game even if you lose! I really loved it! I'm even going to add it to my favorites!

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3.80 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2006
6:33 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun