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*Thanks Fom Tulp for the ProntFage!!!
The series continues with more RANDOMNESS oh yes...Starring Salad Fing....*ahem* Falad Singers.

CHAPTER ONE: http://www.newgrounds.co
(Salad fingers is property of David Firth bla bla blah)

--Credits' Song: Shadow Gallery- Legacy


Nice movie ^^

Well... not much you can such but good ol randomess, gotta have your daily dose of randomness ya? ;) BTW, that song that was used in the end (for the credits) what is the song? wanted to listen to it :)

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Quimera responds:

Shadow Gallery- Society of Mind

The World is Effed up

I think this was hilarious. It catches you off guard at times. The music in the background was a good choice I think, for the whole entirety of the piece. I love that Salad Fingers made an appearance, as well as the DBZ character (he was from DBZ, correct? lol sorry to sound ignorant).

Don't listen to ANY of the reviews that only tell you your movie didn't make sense. If they dont' have any constructive to say, to hell with their opinions. Keep not making sense, keep pissing people off for "wasting" their time. Keep showing us that there are ways to view the world outside of our contemporary ideals.

Great movie.

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Not bad. i like the dream theater tattoo touch.

not really that random

and not really that funny
i gave you a 2 in sound because your version of salad fingers voice was horrible
and why was he even there, what was the point in that
he didnt do anything funny at all or play any part

and what was up with the purple ninja turtle having the dream theater logo as a tatoo??

you COULD do random AND have it NOT suck

I dind't mind the animation, didn't mind the setting, just the interaction blew. It wasn't funny, it was at best <~ (the closest to funny it got), cliche. I know, you think i'm bashin cause its random or no plot. NOPE. You can be random and have it be great, like Defender of the Supermart, or Waterman, Aqua Teen is even counted in that catagory. And then using Salad Fingers... what was the point, he didn't do anything funny, nor did anyone react funny, they called him a freak and mentioned they lifted weights.... NOT FUNNY. And what was the point of having someone pop in as a new apprentice and then leave, also without saying or doing anything? Another one is like.. Forehead Shavecut i think, makes no sense, has funny elements. So next time.. add some... humor... please.

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3.81 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2006
3:07 PM EST
Comedy - Parody