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Sonic Breaks his Neck

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Whoa, FRONTPAGE!? Ahahah, thanks so much!!

Oh no! Sonic has broken his neck, what a shame. Good job 'Doctor' Eggman is on hand to sort out him out though!

The 'story' was made up as I went along, so it's a bit random and weird... Just to point out, I AM a fan of Sonic. Just felt like poking fun at his fat blue face.



I like the pop culture references you had in the movie. Like when Dr. Robotnic says "I'm a doctor, I'll make you better" from Spoilsberry Toast Boy, the Benny Hill running skit and All Your Base at the end. Kick ass animation too! Funny as hell! MAKE MORE!!!

Good job.

I liked this very much. It was well animated and had an excellent use of the color in contrast to the greyscale colors. Plus it's use of dark humor is great.


Dude, thanks for making this. It all makes sence from the instant Sonic busts open the t.v and gets shards of glass on his face, plus the way he trips over the rock XD. I also love the way both Eggman and Knux take advantage of the moment (plus Knux's gulability), Tails and Amy where also uncanny; the way she ended her life without Sonic and Tail's anoying voice and stutter. The only thing i'd change would be their voices, try not to make it so cockney and more Sonicesc. Ohter than that, good job! Thanks again for making the most awesome flash ever!


That was funny as all hell and that bag of chips people keep talking about. Seriously funny shit. I really thought when Knuckles said so this is the end of Sonic the Hedgehog it was going to lead into him saying we need a replace ment. Then Shadow appeares acts like a rapper and it ends with and thus Shadow the Hedgehog was made. But no you went the insane rout of having AMy comment suicide. That is awsome. I alwasy wanted that twat to die. Anywho were did this idea come from.


lol funey ahuhuahuhuha....that doesnt mean i let u off 4 the amy thing that was fucked up.

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3.90 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2006
3:06 PM EST
Comedy - Parody