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This movie was created by being given the soundtrack first, then having to match a movie to the soundtrack. I wanted to create an eerie dark touch in the visuals that the sound created. I also experimented a lot with masks, lighting, and gradients. The character, Rune, is a modern mage in a future/present setting (I'd say more, but it isn't necessary for this movie).

This movie will probably do badly for me, voting wise, but I thought you might like to see it with all the crap that has been in the portal lately. And yes, I'm still working on GR:Jailbreak! It's coming soon!



It's good, but nothing happened... Is this unfinished or something?

Pure eye candy :)

Kire, your drawings are great. I especially like watching the tattoo's shine on your characters. Those drawings alone must have taken you some time to finish.

All i can suggest is that you tell your audience more about what is going on. Who is Rune? why does he and the older character have shiney tattoos? What's the significance of these tattoos?

Overall I like this a lot. Keep up the good work.


i most definatly expected more from you, having seen a few more of your movies, it was short, and thats the only bad thing about it, i absolutly fell in love with the design of the characters markings, and the main character was kinda cute *^_^*

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Not bad but not the best I have seen

I have seen your other works and I am very impressed with them. But I am wondering why do you have 2 movies that are the same? And second it needs more to it. A bit of an explanation or comflict. Other then that good job. One of the few good ones around

Not quite as gay as your run-on sentances,Hamy.

I,personally,thought it was beautifully done,even if it was lacking abit in depth.The runes,if that is,indeed,what they are,were totally awesome.You can draw,man.Keep it up.*Waves little Gaia flags*

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3.36 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2001
5:13 AM EDT
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