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Deadly Alliance in MK

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Author Comments


Heh I'm really suprised this movie got to 3.50. Well that is good because that was my original goal before trying to get rewards and stuff. This was made a year ago so be mindful of this flash. I'm much better then this now however. Expect to see Sonic The Lost Emerald 2 soon because I'm almost done with it. Thanks viewers for voting.

This movie was made a year ago and it was almost finished. So in order for me to get it out of the way I added a few things and credits. I hope you like it.

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Waaay too slow.

This doesn't seem to be building up to anything. Turn up FPS as well. Make it faster.

pretty kewl.

It's pretty kewl man....Good choice of music, sprites..and excellent backgrounds....There where a couple of typos but I'm looking past that...

Overall this flash was really kewl..

Keep it up!!

Nice sprite film; make the sequel with more action

Heh, I watched this because I thought it would have something to do with Mortal Kombat, I mean, look what you put for the title "Deadly Alliance (Subtitle for Mortal Kombat 5) in MK (stands for both mushroom kingdome AND mortal kombat). Ah well, it's still pretty damn good! Next to ROTMK, best plot I've ever seen in a sprite movie!

A really great plot!!!!!

This was a really good flash movie. The music in the background was perfect at all times. It was a fresh new idea, set in a gaming like atmosphere. Really, Really good. It had a great amount of violence, like crushing koopas and sending them into lava, and parts were funny at the same time, like Wario in the secret room. This flash is probably the best Mario story I've seen thus far...

Xcyper33 responds:

Wow thanks. Yah the story will get complex you'll see.

Excellent movie.

I have a lot to say, so i'm going to get it over with now.

GRAPHICS- When it comes to sprites, its either good or bad. Good when they are original but bad when they are ripped. Of course your sprites are ripped so I curled my lip at first. But of course, the animation was smooth and you made superb use of layers and parallexing.

SOUND - I loved the sound, really I did. I'm glad you didn't do voice over’s, because that’s normally what draws me away from sprite movies. But of course I read fast and tend to get bored waiting for the text to move, so maybe for the next episode you can add arrows on the bubbles.

Violence- While there wasn't much, I did like what happened, with Wario squished the koopa and tossing him in the lava, and of course I am going to assume that it gets far bloodier in the next installments.

HUMOR- While to me this wasn't a big subject, I did find myself grinning and chuckling every now and then. So it had a fair amount of humor in it.

-Overall, great flash! I look forward to more. And I was a bit disappointed. I saw Deadly Alliance and MK, and I thought it was going to be a Mortal Kombat Flash. Aw well.

Xcyper33 responds:

Wow thanks for the amazing review!