Tricker Treats

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Peter stars in his sophomore role as himself in a Halloween themed piece. Up to his usual antics, he proves himself to be quite resourceful when faced with the burden of delivering a recipe to quell the insatiable appetites of today's impressionable youth. *** SECRET SUPRISE AT END OF CREDITS DON'T MISS OUT!!!!** (DISCLAIMER: secret suprise may not be suitable for people who are easily offended by crude, raunchy, lewd, funny cartoon fun, consider yourself warned)



but fun.... one thing doesnt this looks a lot like ren and stimpy???

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could have been something from doodie man :P!
but you artwork is SOOO much sweeter.
Man this has my 5

Haha, Nice!

The prolonged chewing of the turd was beyond hilarious.
I like your style it reminds me of Ren and Stimpy.
The only downfall is the music, It didn't match it, and got really annoying after a while, but it was still fucking hilarious none the less.

Really well done

the graphics were really smooth, and i have to say that was one of the most disgusting things ive seen all day. but that was pretty funny.

Um u know they have counselors that u can talk to…

You seem like the kind of guy who would pay a hooker to take a dump on a glass table above you. Now I'm all for freedom... but sometimes you need to be protected from yourself.

Jokes aside (just like your animation) you are an amazing artist and I wish you actually had a funny story to tell instead of something that's not-so-much shocking but just amazingly stupid.

Best of luck. I hope you try a new character. Nudity is always good.

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3.41 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2006
7:43 AM EST
Comedy - Original