Chaos Design: TDYK

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Another episode of the series that so far makes no sense to anyone but me and the very perceptive. I started this one before "Storm", but wasnt competly satisfied with it. But since I dont like flash going to waste, here it is. It also slots in before "Storm" in chronological order. Now, have fun guessing where the the music and title are from...


9 because I know there could be better...

I'm not sure if I have the right message from this series but I think this space-like object is some kind of chaos invoking (did I spell that right?>_<) equiptment that any planet it might pass will be imersed in chaos out of the blue... I also think that you were trying to help others understand by saying that every town has a devil so why can't space and all universes? Anyway, I don't want to miss-inform anyone. I give it an overall of nine because I believe you could do better. Sorry, but judging the style and thought put in I think you have some potential to do better. Nice work overall and I'm waiting to give you a ten. =)

Pigmash responds:

Hey thanks. While your idea isnt exactly spot on, I do like the interpritation and am glad that somebody has at last tried to figure it out instead of telling me it makes no sense or that they like it and are satisfied I know whats going on.
I was never happy with this installment, maybe I'll revamp it soon.


MAJORAS MASK MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You get a ten just for that!

nice work good effort

yeah really nice, and the music was awesome! (majora's mask ^^)

Pigmash responds:

Thank you, and well done, Its the Majoras Mask countdown

Pretty good.

I liked the stone guy. But the goddamn music was so annoying!

nice! lol

yeh i quite liked that... animation got a bit dodgy at sum points (lol wots wiv the wobbly stone man walk?) but yeh other parts were pretty dam gd *thumbs up*

Pigmash responds:

Wobbly stone man walk? Um, He has no knees.

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3.30 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2006
6:29 AM EST