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Techno Sphere

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Unfortunately, I gave up on my Sticky McBlue Series due to lack of creativity and the need to start working on my senior thesis for college. In my off time, I made this movie. I find it quite relaxing to just sit back and watch... although it was a bitch to make :-)

ps: The Pause and Play Buttons are just there in case you feel like stopping the movie midway thru to admire the shapes.

9/27/01: Holy sh*t! I ddn't know people liked this that much. I haven't checked on it for over two weeks and it went from a 2.56 to over 3.00! I guess ppl here must want to see me make more of these :)

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Trippy. I Love the Song. Do more of those.

Oh yeah...

This is very comfterbale for the ears and the eyes. A great visulation. Maybe you should make a windows media player one!

Not much to it, but cool

All it was was pieces of a sphere floating aroud to music. At the same time, this flash was pretty awesome. The techno music went along nicely with the flash, and the background with the wood frame was pretty cool. The pieces changing colors and movign around was very fn to watch, and it was surprisingly entertaining. I'd lke to see more things like this.

Very well done,

That was interesting an relaxing keep up the great work!

Very nice.

Although it wasn't like most of the movies I'm used to watching, I was fairly impressed by the nice work in animation. I'm guessing you used tweens due to the low file size and accurate timing. But I can be wrong sometimes. ;D And the music was very good, not my most favourite of artists, but still I was impressed. This shows you have a good deal of skill with your animating and I would love to see what else you'd be capable of in the short movie genre.

Good Job.