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PJ Wireless4: Band

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"You should form a band with Bob and Maci".

Check out NeptuneCircle.com for more PJWireless episodes, as well as a bunch of other Neptune Circle Cartoons.

PJ Wireless is a series from NeptuneCircle.com. Call a tollfree 1-800 number and you could be in the next episode! (Toll free in US and Canada only)

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Flawes Victory



1 abbreviation XD

when he started playing squirl farts i laffed so hard i fell out my chair! keep up the funny stuff

holy crap

when he started playing his second instrument i almost died of laughter, please keep these up there frigin hilarious

I was the kid in tht movie!

I swear to god, I was the kid who called PJ. I remember calling him like 2 years ago. Thanks for putting my call on NG! Plus, I don't think there's anything like this on newgrounds that hasn't been discontinued.*cough* Foamy Fan Mail *cough*. Anyway, call him if you want. I never thought this would actually happen.