Lust For Rust

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Salad fingers lust for rust. Character design by David Firth, Game Development by David Ellis. For anyone who likes salad fingers and wants to
waste some time!!

Please dont take this game to seriously. Firth is a friend of mine and I just wanted to put something together. ITS JUST TO MESS ABOUT WITH!!


Yes...first Review!

That was COOL

Infact thats my favourite game ive played today!

David Firth is a bit of a legend

You did him justice



it was great.
Altho it was a little hard to jump and dodge all of children and non rusty stuff. Except being slightly hard to play everything was fantastic.

Salad fingers likes the red water or blood.

And I highly doubt you even know what orgasmic means I'm getting annoyed with some people using it incorrectly because there is no such thing as orgasmic rust. I'm going on 14 years old and I understand more sophisticated words than you probably do. Though the game was pretty good, great job. Orgasmic rust sounds kind of scary if you ask I would hate to see what it looks like.

it was alright i guess

it was nothing to special but a game where you move around collect points and get a higher meter until you fail at the game, i must say though that you can code very well and i hope i see more flashes from you in the future.

ehh i gave this submission a (")>5 the highest you can get (:

very entertaining for David Firth Fans

That was a great Idea. He didn't jump quite high enough, but it was fun anyhow. Good job.

digitalink responds:

Thanks for that... Iv made him jump a little higher!!

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3.22 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2006
11:24 AM EST
Skill - Collect