Lust For Rust

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Salad fingers lust for rust. Character design by David Firth, Game Development by David Ellis. For anyone who likes salad fingers and wants to
waste some time!!

Please dont take this game to seriously. Firth is a friend of mine and I just wanted to put something together. ITS JUST TO MESS ABOUT WITH!!


I hate this game, Not a good ideal

When you have bad Graphics,style,Sound,and Humor..... You think the violence is going to help NOPE!!!. It doesn't fell like salad fingers at all (Thats why its misspelled just like my review) still I guess you did a good job on the controls and Wierdness but really this should have been fun and enjoyable, it wasn't a good ideal to take a great and freaky Flash toon like Salad Fingers and turn him into this bad game...Salard Fingers(At the very least pick a good name for the game...OMG! Salard Fingers that whould be cool, what kind of idiot thought that one up) 4 out of 10, try a lot harder next time.

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I enjoyed it for a bit sound would have made it better but I guess ya couldn't but I liked it much even without it

Very Basic

The game was pretty well made, but it doesn't really stand out from the rest of the games. Needing to jump over the weird kids added a bit of interest to the game, though, so you're on the right track. try to think of something that you can add to the game that will help it stand out.

other than that, the game was well made, and it played well. twaz good.

o_o oh ffs...

Now if anyone else made this game no-one would give a damn, but because it's salad fingers this is going to be on the frontpage... I'd bet money on it -_-

lol salad fingers game =D

a very basic game but so fun, salad fingers rocks! =D

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3.22 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2006
11:24 AM EST
Skill - Collect