SpaceStation Marble (3)

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Update: As old as this game is, I had to go back and change some spelling mistakes that were really getting to me.

Note that actual marble physics were not intended for this game (if your going to complain about it) I will consider it for my next game however.

Third edition of Bob the Marble. I improved this game a lot more from the others with some commonly requested features.
Use arrow keys to move and jump, score and life are at the bottom right corner. You get a new life every three levels. And in the bottom left, there is your health bar, ready to take three hits. Good luck! Btw. the game is starting to get laggy on slow computers, I suggest a 1.5ghz machine at least.


needs some improvements

It's nice to play some it remembers me to the old rpg mario games... But anyway it's very easy to dodge the objects,So it would be nice to make it harder necxt time when you make a game.


Solid 3/5 and 6/10

This is a good game, though it could use some improvement:
1) Need better graphics
2) More music and sound fx
3) Physics. A marble in real life bounces a bit when it lands, or shatters after a long fall. Physics would make this a great game.


Boring, too easy, bad physics engine, annoying and repetative music, bad graphics. This is just another sub-par platform game.

iameatingjam responds:

Just cause it's not the best platformer, a 0 really doesn't make sense, your a retard buddy.

In need of improvement.

I might just go back to square one with this game if I were you. By the looks of it, this game needs an overhaul. First, the graphics really could be a lot better. Great graphics can make even the worst game enjoyable. Second, the game engine needs to be tweaked/redesigned. Jump and movement physics need to be redone. The marble should have acceleration and deceleration, so that it actually feels like the marble is rolling. The jumping feels WAY off. Collision detection is somewhat poor. You have the makings of a potentially great game, but this definately needs improvement.

Better than the First

IMHO. Great game. It wasn't too hard or too easy and the controls are very simple. I could only suggest a dying sequence, where the circle deflates or something. I liked it, keep working.

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3.35 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2006
12:53 AM EST
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