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This collaboration is based on an image titled "To Success."

Hope everyone enjoys it [and I hope the menu isn't too confusing].


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kenyeeee! kenyeeee! kenyeee!

ThreeStar responds:



to success

oh my god i am vromm vromm vromming all over the nation!

yenig - what movie/shpw/internet is that sound clip from? i like the fbf style used with the brush tool. simplistic and WOW!

the irg - interesting backdrop, but a little weird looking considering it blends in with the default NG window. the choice of jpop music is of high quality as well!!

me - it's bugged out wicky wack WAZOO! please fix it some day i'm not begging it would just help out you know!

easter egg - very weird, original. i liked when they found kanye west in the cave of milk. LOVELY IT GOES BACK TO THE PRELOADER TOO!

but now for the CREAM OF THE CROP

roymaster's part is easily the best thing i've seen in a while. i was not expecting anyone to do something so epic in this collab. i can imagine how long it took to hand draw all the scenery! also the fact that it segues into the easter egg is another great result of something.

ThreeStar responds:

Roymasta's was my favorite too!

And sorry I screwed up your part. One day I _might_ fix it.


When I saw this

I VROOOMED over to give it a 5. Nice job, everyone.

ThreeStar responds:

Awesome, Mistah Teeee! :0


Nope, I don't get it.

I'm confuzzled.

ThreeStar responds:

D'OH. You might not have Flash 8... I didn't realize you needed Flash 8 to view it until now, because the collab doesn't function right on my laptop. ;X

Barf. Sorry. ;X




ThreeStar responds: