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flash 6 and up

/ice dj studios\

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Nice 3-d.

Graphics: Excellent 3-D. The sphere was the sharpest and the best. It also had superb motions.
Style: Interesting style of 3-D. Cartoony slash 3-D mix with the pig.
Sound: Decent techno loops that set the mood for the 3-d.
Violence: None needed.
Interactivity: Nice menu. You have quality buttons, but can’t people just right click and change the quality?
Humor: Other than the pig dance there was little humor, just interesting spheres and a plane take-off simulation.


Good job

Good game thought it would be simple but it got harder tword the end! I beat it though ;)


I will review all my choices.

Graphics: 9 out of 10

Style: 9 out of 10
Ice Dj, what a username. nice logo with the peguin.

Sound: 0 out of 10

Violence: 0 out of 10
Read Sound.

Interactivity: 10 out of 10
It was interactive. BAM, 10 out of 10.

Humor: 3 out of 10
Hahaha idiot, some planets don't rotate on axises.

Overall: 5.1 out of 10

That's your average score.

had its moments, kinda liked it

i liked the orbiting one the best, but the moon doesnt rotate on a axis dummy.

i liked the pig too, pretty funny, please keep it up and make sweet flashes with these 3-D skills!!!!!


Not a game...

Um... yeah... the extent of your interactivity is clicking which 3D object you want to see, moving the planet around to see the dark side, and clicking the plane to make it shoot. I don't know what catagory to put this under... but I wouldn't choose game.

Other than that, it was very nicely done. The graphics were very good. Perhaps you can animate them more to make a movie or an actual interactive game...

Hope to see more, but please, no more showcases on Newgrounds.