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Feebl and Nob

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A random story, plz vote only when watched the whole thing. This is for Mario and Weebl and Bob fans


An insult!

As an avid lover of all things weebl and bob (and pie), i have to say that this was the stupidest, poorest and most insulting "parody" of weebl and bob i have ever seen!
The voices were stupid, and yes, i know weebl and bob speak funny, but that is just one of the many things which make the original cartoons so good, so if you are going to even attempt a W and B toon, try and make the voices as authentic as possible. The plot makes no sense WHATSOEVER, andi can't find a single reference to Weebl and Bob except for the background and the characters, but they are used in every other Weebl and Bob parody.
All in all, this is a half-arsed effort, with no proper tribute to the great Weebl and Bob. This is, as you yourself has put it, FEEBL!!!

That was truly a great parody

That was ace, man. You parodied Weebl and Bob and Super Mario Bros. at the same time. I don't get the names, though... Feebl and Nob??? Oh well, I'm sure there's a method to your madness, and I can only stand in awe. If you ever make a game based on this, I'd play it.

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Guess who I am?

Meh well it's funny and just funny. I liked it when I first saw it a few years ago when you first made it. It's all good dude. Hopefully MMM2 will be kickass and keep working at it.

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neonDog responds:

I guess ur arnold, glad you like it + yesh I hope MMMII will kickass

This is your first movie?!?

Seriously, this an excellent Weebl and Bob movie! Everything about the movie - graphics, style, sound, violence, and humor - is excellent! I also loved the change from Mario to Sonic (and the characters getting nauseated)! Excellent job! Overall: 10/10

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neonDog responds:

It was kinda 1 of my 1st movies. Made over a year ago + thx dude 4 the 10/10 rating

Nice Effort

The graphics (except for the loop at the end.... what was up w/ that?) were very good. I liked the music from Mario and Sonic and I liked the idea of Weebl and Bob (oops.. I mean Feebl and Nob) in video games. It was a creative idea, but the dialogue needs tinkering with, also the voice acting.... You need people who can imitate the voices for Weebl and Bob and/or have emotion in the acting. That's pretty much it from me. Good job ^-^

neonDog responds:

yeh those were computer voices lol but I kept them coz they sounded funny. thanks

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3.34 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2006
11:34 AM EST
Comedy - Parody