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Press up and down to pedal. Left to pop wheelie, ride a wheelie long enough and get style points. Space to jump, space while jumping=superjump (only 3 available). Jump to collect bonus items!

Don't let your Greenie Beat you!


no, just no.

the whole concept is just wrong.
im not that big of a jerk when it comes to bad graphics, but either the bikers only have one leg or they're pedaling with both feet at the same time.
also, the pressing up and down repeatedly was a bad idea, it really messed up my controls as the legs seemed to lag while the rest of the game, however, spent no time giving me a break as it hurtle me into a random boulder in the street.
there are many parts in the game where its impossible to make it over jumps, more than once i was faced with three rocks and a fire hydrant back-to-back, a double-jump couldnt even get me over that.

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good controls, bad design

The level design is terrible, especially when you are given a no win combination of two obstacles close together. However, the controls are quite good. Wheelies are fun to pull off correctly, because there is a bit of a challenge in coordinating your middle and index fingers.

Unfortunately, the bad level design brings the whole game down, and I have to give you a lower score for that. It simply isn't fun to play because the game will give you challenges you cannot overcome.

A suggestion: You should have a bar at the top that shows the positions of both players.

Could have been better

Sure, it may be fun. But the level design is so horrible it's hard to tell where your going, your trying to beat the opponent but can't see that tiny banana or water hydrant before you crash into it. Also, I was waiting to use my super jumps but accidently used one, I think it would be better if there was another button to press instead, for the super jumps.

So finally, I think this is an OKAY game, that could have been alot better.

Absolutely, the worst driving games I played...

I like this because this is 'quite' fun.

But I hate it because:
1) My finger... ('somewhat happened') because of rapid pressing of "up" and "down" keys.
2) The opponent is so hard to beat.
3) SO It is the HARDEST game i ever played (on this week).

I gave "3" because as i said, 'it is quite fun'.

A bit hard

My hand surely got a workout from pressing up and down repetitively, but that wasn't really the issue. Amongst that, I had to pay attention to the extremely fast paced screen to see a tiny fire hydrant, or, even worse, a rock that's almost the same color as the road.

The controls were fluid, the design was not.

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3.07 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2006
9:55 PM EST
Sports - Racing