Making the Mario!

February 16, 2006 –
December 4, 2008
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Well, this is my second flash movie ... ever. I hope you like it, if not... do give me some useful feedback to hone my skills.

It's Mario, and sprites. Done a million times, better than mine, but I still like the game and style, so I went with it.

I did consider some music, and I even have the Mario game music, but decided it felt too busy when put in.


Lovely movie
Funny it sure was
Make another one, one with more scene
Extra laughter

ps : Sorry if this isn't spelled correct.

the clip try to make it more advanced comedy and get some new sprites

wtat else to say oh yah i give you a 7 but the rating is very bad because i just don't know how to rate it:P

It was funny :D

This is what you call a standard flash movie. You need some music! It was pretty funny I chuckled once but It was an ok movie.

u could make some music... other ways great work

LOLOLOLOL good flash movie!!! Keep going! lololol! XD

That was a great flash man. Good Job!


This ain't a bad movie. It was funny when both brothers picked up the director and threw him into the lava.

You should have put the music in, though. You said you were going to, but you never did. With the music, the director would've said when getting ready, "Okay, start the music, and ACTION!" That would be cool, it's just like how they practice a movie.

But I don't care, this is still a good and funny film!

I'd consider it par as far as mario clips go.

It REALLY needs background music though...that would be a HUGE improvement.

it has some potental, but it really needs music, better sound effects, longer time, and finally, better humor....its too perditable to. but other wise, its was ok.

In my opioion Luigi takes are the Best one in this Flash, Some parts were too Predictiable.

ok this was a little funny your on a roll :)

Nothing too new or interesting, really. Why let a Hammer Brother direct? How do those blocks stay in midair? And what happened to the bald Bowser since SMB? Did he simply grow hair, or vanish completely? Consider these points and try again.

It's not really anything new to me, it was somewhat ok, but I want to see something new. I don't care for the videos that you have to keep clicking on the text to proceed.

It was good, for a second flash. I've seen much worse. I keep wondering how Mario and Luigi keep coming back if Mario died once and Luigi died twice... I guess it's those 1-ups.

Keep up the good work, man. I think you'll be popping out some good ones soon.

it was greatly funny and sounds was ok too, u could had maked some music on the background and made this a little bit longer, but i still liked it a LOT ! :) (Koopas eyes xD xD lol )

Hey, it was actually sorta funny in some parts. Good work, keep it up.

Nice! It was very great for a second flash, I'd say your skills lie within sprites. So I would keep it up, but not restrict yourself to them. Good luck with the future!

Graphics: D+ (You could've used sprites from some of the newer Super Mario games opposed to the old Super Mario sprites)

Style: C (This has been done before...somewhat, but the idea of a director's cut of the game is fairly sound)

Sound: D- (No music and limited sound fx, you should probably add music to this)

Violence: C+ (The violence level is reasonable and not too excessive)

Interactivity: N/A

Humor: B (Some of the scenes were very funny)

Overall: D (Although it's not the worst movie I've seen on NG about Mario, it's not as good as some of the good ones either).

It's like what you see on the menu of a movie dvd or certain submissions on NG, where they show you the making of. I'm not sure who/what that turtle thing who's meant to be the director is, but who cares. For a parody of something with crap graphics, this is really good.

... it's to short. You could make more out of that idea!

I protected it......but I don't know why...

some funny parts, runs slow though...work on your speed.

well, being a mario game, i expected it to be crap, but it was actualy well made and had some funny parts.

It's better than most shit i see, you have made my day making something actually worth saving!


A very nicely done piece, very clean-cut, and quite amusing. The one thing I think would have made it a little easier, is if the text/storyline flowed by itself, rather than requiring you to click on the mushroom to continue...getting the timing down for that in order to allow for the viewer to read the dialogue, would be tricky, but certainly would make it flow better. A little more noise, too, having just dead air while you're reading, maybe adding in the music, just at a low volume, would have worked and not made it overly busy?

I liked this spin on Mario, haha good job.

I'm not sure if I have seen it befor, but I gotta agree with happyface... Make more, you will probably get a good rating from me if they are of this quality!

wow never seen this before and no i havent gowd u get the idea its ingenous its soooooooooo0 clever and seriosly it realy made me layugh specialy at ze end lol keep it komin dude keep it komin

I gave you a 10 in sound cause you used the CS footsteps.....and that is all....and your scene three intro screen says scene two......fix it.


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2.30 / 5.00