Corpses of the III Reich

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Option to play with shock or without
ingame help screen press P
We made a stupid mistake thanks for pointing it out the US price was by mistake way to high!
It has been adjusted to $ 14,50 Thanks for poitning that out to us.

Corpses of the III Reich. Instructions:
- Numpad* is mute music
- Numpad + music volume up
- Numpad - music volume down
- arrow left right keys to move
- shift arrow left right keys to run
- down arrow to duck
- down arrow + left or right arrow key = duck walk
- space to Salto jump.
- up and space to straight jump and grab.
- p key to Pause
- z key to move interface
- ctrl key to use weapon
Hint: some stuff is hidden!

Stop evil from reaching the source of eternal life. Fight against WorldWar 2 Nazi Zombies. This game is not for those that are weak at heart it contains schocking effects and sickening scenery!
This is the full online version and it is as big as the NG filesize allows us to make it ;-)

All the NG BBS community user wishes are incorperated.
Platfrom, action, Nazi zombies,interactive scenery and creepy scary stuff.

It took a team of 6 developers 4 full months to complete!
We really hope you like this one!

There is an offline version of this game with 50 levels in total. Read the in game information to find out more.


not good

i thought it was weird


dude.....that's dumb that you have to buy the fucking whole version..I mean C'mon 15 bucks for it?Why not ship it over seas to some US stores then I'd buy it but off da net?Thats gay.BUt it's still a good game and the head were annoying and the music was weird and creepy as were the levels but in a cool way.


THE HARD WAY - LEVEL Scared me...(i'm not give it away)...Geez! my heart Jumped...

Anyways the game rocks. its not to hard and not to easy just right ..

L8ters Gators...

it could be alot better

if it was sold at the dollor store, i'd buy it.

Where to start

Overall the game was a decent one, although the game play wasnt much fun until the harder levels as u can just hold shift and pelt through any level without dying. Music was creepy and i can see how it could get anoying but then again it was creepy and i liked it. First time i played it a face didnt pop up till level 3 or so, so when it did i got a little scared (thank god). Then once id finished and gotten over the game i got everyone i knew to play the game just so they could get scared shitless by the faces. I think u should add more faces and louder screams lol, cause ive finished the game about 20 times just to see more faces:P

Dont think id purchase it, but then again i dont think i could afford it. (not because its to expensive, but rather im a poor bastard). But anyway it scared me once, though id rather more that will have to do for now. Good work

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3.16 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2006
12:02 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other