Corpses of the III Reich

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Option to play with shock or without
ingame help screen press P
We made a stupid mistake thanks for pointing it out the US price was by mistake way to high!
It has been adjusted to $ 14,50 Thanks for poitning that out to us.

Corpses of the III Reich. Instructions:
- Numpad* is mute music
- Numpad + music volume up
- Numpad - music volume down
- arrow left right keys to move
- shift arrow left right keys to run
- down arrow to duck
- down arrow + left or right arrow key = duck walk
- space to Salto jump.
- up and space to straight jump and grab.
- p key to Pause
- z key to move interface
- ctrl key to use weapon
Hint: some stuff is hidden!

Stop evil from reaching the source of eternal life. Fight against WorldWar 2 Nazi Zombies. This game is not for those that are weak at heart it contains schocking effects and sickening scenery!
This is the full online version and it is as big as the NG filesize allows us to make it ;-)

All the NG BBS community user wishes are incorperated.
Platfrom, action, Nazi zombies,interactive scenery and creepy scary stuff.

It took a team of 6 developers 4 full months to complete!
We really hope you like this one!

There is an offline version of this game with 50 levels in total. Read the in game information to find out more.


Not liking the random Scary faces...

Otherwise, nice game. Controlls are a little off though. I'd put jump on something alittle closer to the shift key myself... Perhaps "z"

As for the scary faces...It's not that they are scary, so much as they are random. I'd understand if you got a face if a zombie ran into you (incentive to blow them away quick!) or you died and lost all of your lives, but the randomness...just NO.

As for all the things she can do, BRA-VO. a very articulated game. Excelently programed, and it actualy reminded me alot of a 2d, 3rd person version of DOOM.

My only other complaint was that the zombies were too hard to kill, and there werent enough of them. If I want to play a zombie game, I want the satisfaction that comes from carving a swath through a leagion of undead rotting carcases! >:D

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I dont understand why people say this is the worst game....ive seen worst trust me, plus they probley say it about everygame, i think they should give people credit for there creations cuz the people talking crap probley dont have enough brain power to do it themselves.......anyway Goodjob, very scary.....loved it, the music was creepy as hell, and the zombies were animated very well, actually i luved it, unforcunatly 15 dollars is allitle bit too much for a download game, if you'd lower it to 5.00-7.00 dollars ud probley get some buisness but 15 dollars is enough to buy an older first person shooter at best buy. great game loved it, but id reccomend while this is front page newgrounds to lower the price to at least 7.00 dollars and id then id buy it, and alot of people would too


silent hill meets blood rayne?

this game's not bad. it's got good controlling mechanics, it has a good dark vibe, it has cool weapons, cool missions and such. cool stuff. but the randomly appearing face pop ups for "shock horror" was absolutely fucking STUPID and VERY lame...but it still scared me twice. i wouldn't pay 14 bucks for it, i think you...foreigners (from your unspecified country) are a lil off there...this should be a free flash game. PEACE

Could be better...

The chick moved too slow, i think.
And what was that crap with damn face jumping out of nowehre all loud!! I nearly fell out of my seet!


I'm sorry but I cannot give much of a review on this game. The level (The Basics) is unplayable. The first level. That is sad. There is no way to get out of that level because the areas are blocked off and out of reach. I like platform games but I do not like playing games you can't continue on. My guess is that I would have to buy the game to be allowed to continue on. The instructions didn't help either.

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3.16 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2006
12:02 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other