Moe Green

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CorpsegrinderClock made me do it.

Warning explicit content and such.



this is just sick, senseless violence. by saying that somebody else "made you do it", it doesn't get any better. get your own mind!

CrustClock responds:

There, there.


Wow, what a surprise... something stupid and masturbatory from the clock crew.


Don't beat the dog. It's not funny. None of this is constructive or funny. And the fact that you put "corpsegrinderclock made me do it" in the descriptions shows that this is not something that you would stand by and defend as one of your works. So next time just don't bother submitting something unless you're ready and willing to stand up and defend as yours.

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CrustClock responds:

I masturbated many times while watching this movie, then I went to kill my dog with a shovel.

Poor Blo o dy dog -change your rating to 13+

Horrified. GASP!!!. hehehe its a tree with a shovel. Backround is nice, so is some of the effects and parts of the tree and action is animated alright. Here is your 5/10 SIR!!!

It brutal to beat that dog. Yet somehow a little satisfying. Maybe next time u can make the animal less cute :(
Crazy ass tree is good, but not chuck norris good.

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CrustClock responds:

I apologise for the age rating. I never pay attention when submitting movies. I'm glad you noticed the effort in the graphics, thanks for the fair review.

Next time I make a crappy 16 second animation about beating a poor defenceless animal i'll make it something less cute, like a newborn baby or something. Thanks for the advice buddy!!!

WhoA! ...okay?

That was one nutty sadistic little clock!

CrustClock responds:

hes gey

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3.22 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2006
10:42 AM EST
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