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Service Announcement 2

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Looks like Ratbag wants to re-reinforce what his audience didn't grasp the first time around. This time he seems to be speaking up with a more... how to say... "crude" tone... If you let your kid see this don't blame me when you have a rebellious teenager running around the house!


Right On The Money

Dude why dont u make a series with that guy alwaysdissing some1? i'd watch it

stoners-lunchbox responds:

That WOULD be a great, innovative idea... If someone didn't already think of it.

The Walrus has already made a series called Y.A.A.F.M. (You Are A Fucking Moron), starring Reginold and Slugger. The Walrus doesn't really care if someone copies what he does but hates it when those people then make a career out of those ripped off ideas and eventually end up trying to overthrow him as the creator of the original concept.
I listened to one of his daily Podcasts on Zipperfish and i found just how much he hates that kind of thing. Who wouldn't? It's like someone else getting rich off a copy of one of your drawings and making a mockery of YOUR original.

On top of that: I don't like to steal. I only used Ratbag in a rant to make a valid point. Now that i did (twice, because nobody gives a shit and they won't this time either, so i'm a "double idiot") i wanna get back to doing my old cartoons.

Thanks for watching!

You sir are an angry hate filled man...

...and if this flash wasn't funny, informative and 100 percent on the money, there's an off chance I might have been offended :)

-(Two side notes: Viewers beware this is a very foul mouthed submission so be ready it (it still is worth watching nonetheless.
And to the author: if you don't want praise, bashings or tips on improving, you eliminate about 95 percent of your reviews. So you'll take this series of compliments and you damn well better like it!)

Seriously though I have to say I am impressed with your ability to point out the members and non-members of NG who through negligence and/or beligerence crap up an otherwise wonderful website.
And its not so much your analysis of them (most users already agree with you), but your willingness to jab them in an actual flash (most people either make weak comments about this type of behavior in the forums or simply resign themselves to accept this kind of behavior.) Thank you for giving voice to the thoughts that course through the minds of any self-respecting NG member. It's refreshing.

As to the flash itself:
Graphics: Not a bad job for what was required for the flash: a general rant on the uglier side of the NG community. The main character was stationary, which is fine, but it made lip sync an essential aspect of the flash. An aspect that you fortuntely did well in. Also your use of fast paced visual aids was very complimentary to the rant as well as keeping pace with the main character. The only downside being the difficulty in reading some of the text you wrote in the time it was up on the screen (a small point, seeing as I'm a slow reader). 7/10
Sound: The lack of background music or any sound F/X was a wise choice on your part, as it made the viewer focus in on the rant itself (which is the whole point of the flash right? :) ). And as for the voice quality...there's no static to sully the air, but it was obvious you were using a mike (again a small point as I understood your arguements and comments which is what counted. That and I'm sure to refine it further would require some upscale sound editing equipment.))
Premise: See above comments

General complaints:
The 'replay' button on the flash is not working. For convenience's sake, I'd suggest you fix that bug (for those of you who don't know the way around this problem: right click on window, click 'rewind', then click 'play')

Overall while this flash could have been a little done with a little less spite, it is nevertheless a fine piece of online social satire that should be watched by anyone who expects to learn what NOT to do while a member on this site.


stoners-lunchbox responds:

Thanks! It's the first time i get something THIS constructive in reviews from my audience (target or non-target).

I agreed on pretty much all of your points. No. Correction. I agreed completely on what you said, except for one point. I'm not "anger filled". I'm just ticked off when i see me or other "innocent victims" having to be subject to ignorance on other people's behalf. Moreover being subject to ignorance that can determine the outcome of our work's final score(s). I actually like receiving feedback. I don't want it to be entirely neutral (personally speaking that is), but at the same time, if someone's gonna refer to a flash as "worthless shit" just because they think that submission only deserves this much they should drink a bottle of mouthwash before posting that kind of trash.

Anyway, let's move on...

The replay button... I fixed the bug but i haven't posted it. Since the submission has received 10,000 odd views it'll be harder to substitute files around, since it could take up to a week for the NG board to accept the new version of the flash as "legit".

I COULD've done this flash with a little less spite if there WAS less to spite around here. Which is a shame, because i don't like the angry factor in some submissions. Violence is a different can of beans when you animate it with a cleaner mind. Reason for which i despise making service announcements at times. I despise them to the point of not wanting to make anymore of them. This truly was my last one of its series.

Thanks for your feedback and i hope to hear more from you soon!

Rock on!

This was absolutely awesome. There's really nothing more I can say other than I sincerely hope you make a lot more announcements like this one. I look forward to all of them.

Another problem I've seen is flash authors, and I refuse to name names, but I'm sure if you look around you'll see them, go around blamming flashes which might have a chance to compete with their own. Often they get their friends to sign up on the site to help them keep other flashes down.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Ayyayay... Problem... I really can't be bothered making anymore service announcements like my first two ones...

It gets annoying after a while and i don't want my cartoons to become annoying.

Thanks for the feedback!

The best attempt to address this problem so far...

I saw a lot of artists making animation to address the voting issue before and this one shows most effort . (Though i doubt this will change anything.)

One point i have to make here though is that voting also depends on the time the voter saw the submission. One flash might be great when it was done a few years back, but may not so great now due to new technique/softwares/styles etc. (look at "There she is" or "Prowlies" or "Real Legend of Zelda 2" for examples.)

Another problem is when some people vote, they use 0 or 5, rather than 0 to 5. This is especially true when it comes on to style of the animation. People who don't like particular type (e.g. stick/anime/sprite/pencil-drawn) simply vote low marks for the sake that they hate stick/anime/sprite.

Last thing for me to say is that although the problem exists, the average mark still reflects the quality of the work to some extent after it is viewed many times. Look at the top 50, top 100 pieces here and most of them are of the highest quality around. (Though,admittedly, i don't like "Dad's home" that much!)

Oh...why on earth is violence in the rating criteria. There a lot of "tough guy-wannabe" who voted 0 for non-violent flashes, and 5 for cutting heads of sticks figures + extravagant splashes of red.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Some of the points i agree with. The only one i'm gonna have to shoot you down for is the "time concept". "There She Is" is a priceless cartoon and even though SamBakZa released it ages ago, i still loved it when i watched it for the first time on Valentine's day this year. It deserved great marks no matter what the circumstance and i don't think people see what i'm trying to say.

Anyway, thanks for the review.


I dont know to take this seriously or not... But ill give you a ten on evrything cause this one is much better... xD Get a job at Radio

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Me? Which radio?

LOL... Thanks for listening!

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Feb 15, 2006
9:27 AM EST
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