Service Announcement 2

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Looks like Ratbag wants to re-reinforce what his audience didn't grasp the first time around. This time he seems to be speaking up with a more... how to say... "crude" tone... If you let your kid see this don't blame me when you have a rebellious teenager running around the house!

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Once again, very true

Just as i said on the first Service Announcement, your words carry the ring of truth, telling those who don't know a crap flash from a good one. I feel your pain when something I actually liked on the Portal gets blammed, and something that's pretty bad still gets through.

To everyone out there, remember to vote reasonably, and VOTE MORE! If you watch a movie, the least you can do is vote on it. If a crappy movie gets through the Portal, and you didn't vote on it, don't blame the people who did vote for it to go through. It's just like the Presidential election here...if you don't vote, don't cry when the candidate you hate ends up in the White house.


A pretty neat sequell! Packed with entertainment, just like the previous one. Good graphics, good animation and a great plot. Hope you make more of these, keep it up!


stoners-lunchbox responds:

You wouldn't believe me if i told you i forgot i had these cartoons on NG, would you?

Once again, you hit the nail on the head

Dude, if the first one didn;t get though, i hope this one does. Its about time someone started to speak up about this, keep up the good fight!

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Meh... The fight died down with this service announcement, so screw it... It was fun letting off a bit of steam though.

Thanks for watching!


Holy shit dude, you rule, lol, I loved this, it sure was moving, and along with the funny voice acting, lol, this was the best thing you've made to me. GREAT JOB!!

Your friend, splurgle.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Cheers, mate!

A Striking Message!

It's been awhile since I've reviewed your works, and I'm thrilled to see another one of your "crude" service announcements!

For the flash itself, I was looking forward to it - I would take another one of the service announcements, but after a third, I'm not sure if I could take them anymore... frankly, three is the charm.

I'll take this step by step, going over every part of your announcement.


In general, most parodies are sub-par the originals - however, look at some of the Pico films, and you can see great works of art based off of original ideas. However, for the most part, things like this are utter crap so I recognize your point.

---Groups--- (Clocks, Glocks, Locks... etc.)

Again, for the most part, you're right here. These groups simply manage to make terrible flash and seem to almost war with each other. But, look at the Clocks: flashes such as "21 O'Clock Street" show the pinnacles of Clock flashes, and they're actually quite good. On the other hand, you have groups like the Star Syndicate which manage to ruin the reputations of groups and churn out crap 24/7 - I believe that's part of the problem you're trying to get at.

---Porn n' Hentai---

If you haven't realized it yet, many Newgrounders who vote are the thirteen year olds desperate for some porn - and, they'd rather not search for it on normal sites. Meaning, they just vote zero for anything they don't enjoy, or simply cannot masturbate to. Of course, this is a depressing world we live in, and Newgrounds seems to bring it out. There are those of us that do our best to stop this crap from getting in, but we can only do so much.


Again, exceptions strike out - look at the recent "Animator vs. Animation", which is currently #1 top-scoring submission. However, for the most part, most stick flashes suck. A lot. They usually signify that an author's too cheap to do anything better, and it usually means crap. Yet again, I agree with you on this part.


Alright, I most definitly agree with you here. Your characters look NOTHING like Foamy, and you should be angered if people even try to compare the two.

For the latter part of your message afterwards, I tend to disagree. For the most part (with the exceptions of flashes made by X-Naut and other bad flash authors), flashes that make it through are at least mediocre, unless they hold some porn or hentai reference or use it to center the game or animation.

But, people don't blam things just because it doesn't have porn or hentai - people blam things because they suck. The crap that comes into the portal is like an unblocked river, or an overflowing dam, meaning that if your flash has a low file-size, chances are some quick blammers are going to be a bit too trigger-happy on a good flash.

If my message seems a bit jumbled, apologies, but I have nothing more to say.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

I don't know about jumbled, but your message sure was extensive. I don't think it'd be possible to misunderstand one of your reviews when you write so much. I'l take your points into account, counting also on the fact that it's been a while since i last did my research.

Thanks again for reviewing. It's reassuring to have so many regulars coming in to give me their support.