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***WARNING!!!!*** : This movie may deliver possible seizures. PLEASE view with caution!

Alright... make sure your volume is not at max (keep it relatively low as a matter of fact as the sound has been amplified for increased intensity), and if you're on a slow PC, make sure and set the quality to low. Otherwise, enjoy, and i'm sorry for the long wait... Luckily, SQFP3.4 (last one) is also complete, so i can submit that too anytime soon.

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this is my fucking childhood
my god i love the people who made this

You're STILL not done with this series?! I thought the next part was just going to be some epilogue. I am so impressed at how beautiful the animation was in this. This is why sprite stuff was so popular. Uh, Happy Valentine's Day? The best parts is when Sonic uses those two giant guns.

I remember them from "Marvel Vs. Capcom". This is now twenty-six minutes long. It's great to see Tails back. He looks great part robot or whatever he is. I love seeing Knuckles use his weapon too.

This animation is too hype for me 5stars!!!!!!!!!!


Fun fact: Semi-True Hyper Sonic was almost a real Sega thing at one point.

In one of the comics, Super Sonic gets beaten by an other dimensional hedgehog and, in a rage, turns into a "darker form". This form doesn't care about anything except winning, and easily defeats the enemy. But when he's about to deal the final lethal blow, Shadow himself appears and tells Sonic "this isn't you! Control your anger!" After which, Sonic powers down, and swears never to let that form out again. And to this day, he hasn't.

But...what if he had?

Awesome episode in an awesome series, Sonic's transformation in the Tails fight actually made me break out into a cold sweat the first time I saw it! If I could change one thing, it would be to call this form something other then "Semi-True Hyper Sonic" - makes it sound less impressive and interesting then what it is, and is also kind of a mouthful. Something like "Psycho Sonic", maybe, to show this form's true nature? But that's just my taste. Regardless, amazing animation, and I love coming back to watch on occassion!