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YAAFM 12: Muslims

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Feb 13, 2006 | 6:19 PM EST

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Author Comments

Reginold is tired of the Muslim attitude. Watch his scathing editorial on the state of the Middle East. Ouch... this one's gonna hurt.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simply Amazing...

...You have proven to me, your ability to speak truthfully, even when the hardcore left and softies around the world want to suppress your opinions.Not only do I forgive you for your conformity, in some previous episodes, to whatever happens to be popular, but I can resolutely say that I will be a fan of this show forever.

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I used to be a big fan of YAAFM, but this, I just can't get behind this. You want to know why Muslims were this pissed? After the attacks on September 11, the people, driven by their shock, fear, and need for revenge, have blindly accepted the media's portrayal of a terrorist as the face of an entire faith. Because of this, almost the entire world has embarked on an inquisition against those of the Islamic faith. Plus, let's not forget about the persecution of Muslims which seems to have become trendy in the past few decades. How about the brutal and blood-soaked occupation of Gaza and The West Bank by the Israeli state. The ethnic cleansing of the Islamic Bosnian population at the hands of the Serbians. The disgusting invasion of Afghanistan by the Russians. Or, just for the sake of argument, America's attempts to wipe out Arab/Muslim cultures of Iraq and Afghanistan, and replacing it with a commercial, Americanized, cookie-cutter colonial mentality.

YAAFM in the past has been very good about seeing past the bullshit of contemporary culture and seeing to the truth of things. It is with great sadness with which I saw that not only have you accepted this bullshit with open arms, but you're doing your best to fuel the fires. It's too bad.


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So true

The Muslims in my point of view are over sensitive, Cant draw a picture of your prophet? well whats so special about him? Jesus, Buddha and Moses get mocked all the time, even more than Mohammed, so I don't know what the problem is.

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Very Touchy Area! Love it!

FIRST ON THE AGENDA... BELIEVE IT OR NOT... ALL RELIGIONS HAVE HAD THEIR DEITIES OR GODS AND GODDESS' MOCKED! DEAL WITH IT! EVERYONE ELSE HAS! Second on the agenda... you know how much we value the freedom of speech, if you know nothing else about us, that is a fact Not all Muslims are terrorists, but there are some that in the name of your religion mock you guys by doing the things they do. It's kinda' like the Salem Witch Trials of old times They did things in the name of a certain religion and "God" that I find offensive... but it happens. learn from it - don't dimiss it.

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Nice work saying funny things and thanks to the zero voters for proving the rule. Also, cry about it. I'm willing to agree that not all Muslims are terrorists, but you'd have to admit that all terrorists are Muslim. Muhamed Ali, for example, was very scary and often terrorized his opponents in the boxing ring, and now he terrifies young people by displaying the ravages of age.