YAAFM 12: Muslims

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Reginold is tired of the Muslim attitude. Watch his scathing editorial on the state of the Middle East. Ouch... this one's gonna hurt.


Stop blowing shit up!!

Best YAAFM so far! Muslims are Fucking Morons!

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omg this shit is pure genius

every single word of that shit is true and if someone is offended fuck them.

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I love your show I have to comment on this one though, yeah freedom of press is good and so is speech but to place blame on an entire race of people that was just wrong. I have my own opinions that differ from yours but of course this is America nothing I can do to change your veiws or stop your comments. I like your show I laughed at the stop blowing shit up part but I must still insist that terrorists are very different from Muslims. They are just crazy people like our own psychopaths who think killing is great. Anyway I remain a fan I just think that maybe you should have just fired at the people screwing with freedom of speech and press.


You used to be a guy that spoke reason until you made
this bullshit. If they're all fucking assholes who make love with the Qu'ran, sleep next to next to a painting of Mohammed, hump camels, decapitate people for so much as pronouncing "Allah" wrong why isn't the middle east a glass crater? Why do the Pakistani's, who despite the fact they live in an Al-Quaeda breeding ground, help rehabilitate mountain-climbers like Greg Mortenson and so WHY would he bother to pay them back? A shitload of people who live there are buisnessmen and all they do is attend religious services instead of participating a Jihad and piss their pants the next time an ignorant motherfucker like you makes a turd like this flash. If you still can't see my reason, it's probably because your head is too full of shit that the Bush administration (much likeyou you they would probably use total failure "stop bombing shit" foreign policy) and people who believe they are doing the right thing have spoon-fed you. It''s safe to say you are a fucking moron.


I agree with ONE THING... LMFAO

Want us to stop drawing your prophet?
"STOP BOMBING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!"

bravo, BRAVO!

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Feb 13, 2006
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