Infantry War

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My 2nd movie! Enjoy

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Really good, but tjeez...

Comon people grow up damnit! You can't all have everything you want so stop whining for it! This guy does his best, and some say it sucks ass... by the way some say the music rocks, some it sucks, it's a matter of personal taste. From my point of view, this being his second movie its very good, people who don't do flash can't really judge that because they don't know how hard it is...


I liked the movie and the music, but i have questions. 1. why is earths army so small? 2. If earth knew they were being attacked wouldn't they build tanks, planes, traps. 3. why did they bomb earth after they earth signed the surrender?
Sorry for the questions.

MarsYam responds:

1. Planut Quza's attack was unecspected so only a few soldiers of the earth were there in time.
2.If they had tanks i couldn't name the movie "INFANTRY war"
3. Because they are mean and, the earth is bombed, but is it destroyed...?


Its not bad i mostly watched after the first time to listen to the music. The soldiers were a little odd they only seemed to move like on leg at a time. All in all this kinda reminds me of what bush is doin to iraq and eventually the world =p not bad at all

*two claps for you*


I liked the menu with a quiet version of this Lord of the ring-song. The music during the flash was a little crappy. The soldiers look a little bit like bdsm, because of the ball in their mouth. As a german with little english knowledge I can tell you that it should be "sang" instead of "singed". :-) All your singed are belong to us.

Anyway I don't understand the plot. Who has got the rocket? The earth, the planet Quza or the Iran? And which planet is destroyed? And why is the HQ of the Earth in a barn protected by some clowns?
This plot-contract I wouldn't sing.

MarsYam responds:

Planet Quza was building the bomb, the earth exploded, and the HQ is a barn because you say so. And it should be "signed"

That was cool

But what was the point of it?

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3.68 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2006
3:48 PM EST
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