Flash Demon

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Inspired by a game called Demonstrator by Mountain King Studios.

Use arrow keys to move.
Crtl - Shoot.


Nothing too new or too interesting

Try to be a little more original. This game has been done 1000's of times with slightly different feaures. Strongly resembes a classic NES game. Intro was well made, but the game itself did not live up to this.

I love games of this genre...

First off, to everyone who thinks this was stolen, I really don't think so. I have played enough games of this style and genre and I can say they all look pretty much the same and work the same way. The great thing about games like this is the super fast game play and action, how you need to use your mind and reactions to win... the simplicity of the game and controls that allow you to do so. This game is a rehash of everything made before it, it's not reinventing the wheel here.

That said, the game needs work, listen to what has already been said; a longer screen/playable area (I couldn't see far enough ahead to make any sort of defensive manuver), fix the kill glitches, maybe all the enemy ships shouldn't be able to shoot behind them or have homing weapons (what's up with that?) and can you even die? I don't think I took any damage. A boss would be nice too.

Badass game

Tell us if this game is really stolen though. That was kinda hard cause each way I turn there's like a million bullets comin at me!!

Oh-ho-ho... Niiiice.

A few things you could do to improve this would be to add a boss to every other stage or so, and maybe fix that one bug...

You know, the bug where after you kill a ship, there's an invisible barrier around where it exploded for half of or a full second. Kinda makes it hard to kill the others.

All in all, great game.


You stole the title screen of a screen saver.

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3.28 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2006
12:58 PM EST
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