Flash Demon

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Inspired by a game called Demonstrator by Mountain King Studios.

Use arrow keys to move.
Crtl - Shoot.

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Getting there

it was good, i just wish there was like a story line and a few more power ups and maybe a boss?

Too Short

This is good, but too short. It needs more length! But, good quality.
Quality 9
Quantity 6

keep working on it

its a good start but make it more complex. i can see alot of familar charistics in the game with tyrain, galatix(i think), but raptor had the most influince in it and the other games that the compainy made. check for a modern sroll game like crash and burn. one time a person made a crappy defence game but after like 3 ver. it was exellent and made front page. that can happen to you.

if you need tec help look to the last guy

this games has potential, what you need to do now is make it more complex, start by making it so you can accualy dodge attacks (make em dumb fire in dif directions for dif ships ) that way it akds some skill outside of hodl shoot and go back and forth.

also a boss would be fun and diff atacks fomr dif enimes would be great too.

well good luck with mission 2!

I can tell you one problem you did with youre AS

in youre actions script you need to do something so that you cant hitTest the eaxplosion animaiont. I found this to be a problem in games ive made because when you kill the enemy then shoot were the explosion is it keeps replaying the explosion and addint to the score. if you did something like this . . .

if(this.hitTest(_root.spaceship) && this._currentframe==1) {
script for hittest here

that would make it so that the hitTest only happends on the first frame of the enmy space ship . . .

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2006
12:58 PM EST
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