Flash Demon

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Inspired by a game called Demonstrator by Mountain King Studios.

Use arrow keys to move.
Crtl - Shoot.


old stuff

just strap a raiden tag on it and it would be cooler its obvious thats where it was influenced by

Omgzorz RO

I find it intresting how you used the music from... i think its GHC(Glast Heim Churchyard) or GHP(Glast Heim Prison) in Ragnarok Online for this game. (Yeah i ma game nerd)
However yeah the controlls could use a little fine tuneing.

A bit difficult and not really original.

My favorite thing about this submission was the music. It wasn't all to original and when I would fire at enemy ships, I would think that they'd be destroyed but as I kept firing, my shots wouldnt even hit the ships because of their shots... It wasnt all too fair and I just ended up dying... A few adjustments and this would be an overall good game...

cool one

it was a pretty fun game, a bit unoriginal since i've played games a lot like this one. it was a good time killer overall.

Nothing new

But it was slightly more aggrivating than its predessor. When you destroy an enemy ship, it should be dead. Gone. Erased from existance. Not continue to assault you and act as a shield for other enemies.

Overall just not fun to play.

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3.28 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2006
12:58 PM EST
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