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"the city" (2006)

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Anything is possible when an escaped mental patient, a Russian with a particular taste, and a health-conscious homeless boy visit a downtown street in...the city.



And that's what I like about your movies. They're different and are great. I loved the bonus scene haha. Good job!


Okey dokey,
This was another funny work by you, but It forced me to say "WTF" out loud. I mean it was funny, but pretty rediculous. Nice job!


What?! LMAO!

It was hillarious, but the whole thing made about as much sence as...um...well anyway, it made little sence. But it was downright crazy. roflcopter, 5/5!

p.s. the russian accent was crappy, no offence, it's just i have my parents if I want to laugh at russian accented people! XD nice work!

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JeremyLokken responds:

The Russian is a regular guy who walks around with a fake Russian accent. Lots of crazy people in the city.


i luv ur cartoons that i have seen so far, they are random and funny. luv the bonus clip, the look on the man in the car, lol

"You read my mind"

this was sick. I mean, you are a disgusting man. A disgusting man I find hilarious haha, this is probably one of the funnies flash cartoons I have seen in a while. I dont even know why I think its funny, does that make me sick? ahha...probably. Now that I have seen two of your other flash I like half merman better, now I understand your style more and your jokes as well. keep up the funny stuff!

JeremyLokken responds:

Thanks for your review and for watching more than one of my cartoons! Much appreciated.

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3.72 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2006
3:45 PM EST
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