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"the city" (2006)

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Anything is possible when an escaped mental patient, a Russian with a particular taste, and a health-conscious homeless boy visit a downtown street in...the city.


Thats was..nice.

Pretty wierd flash, but oh well. I liked it.

Graphics: Nice. I like your style. Good drawings. Everything smooth. Go you!
Style: I've never seen something as...strange as this before. Lol.
Sound: Was all good. I like the russian accent. The kids voice was a bit too manly, but oh well. Nice job.
Violence: The russian guy punched the hot dog. *Giggles*
Humor: Eh. I never laugh at flash movies unless they really tickle me. But I know that other people would find this funny. Well done.

Overall: Good job. Done yourself proud. Really screwed up. And I likey!


Wierd as hell

The russian dude was funny . You ought to use that charecter in another flash

What?! LMAO!

It was hillarious, but the whole thing made about as much sence as...um...well anyway, it made little sence. But it was downright crazy. roflcopter, 5/5!

p.s. the russian accent was crappy, no offence, it's just i have my parents if I want to laugh at russian accented people! XD nice work!

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JeremyLokken responds:

The Russian is a regular guy who walks around with a fake Russian accent. Lots of crazy people in the city.

All right.

The graphics, style, voices, and sound effects were all great.... I just am not a fan of bathroom humor. Didn't find it all that funny at all. Except that the Russian guy looks like my Econ teacher.

another wonderful toon mr lokken ^_^

oh the city, what great mysteries you behold. nice toon, nice weiners, nice communists, and nice child-urination. seriously lokken, it's got it all (you should have made that b/w pic at the end a png for that sexy perfect image quality, but i'm a png whore, and your image was fine(flash needs a b/w filter :()) keep up the good work, and much <3

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3.72 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2006
3:45 PM EST
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