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A lot of finished and unfinished, random and non-random cartoons all neatly packed into one. There's basically something for everyone here!! Klay, Sprites, FBF, etc. It even has the next cartoon of my fat guy series!! They start from when I first received flash to when I became quite skilled. Just to point out, they aren't in the order that I created them.
P.S. I forgot: Music from Moo Moo Farm (mario kart) and Foo Fighters (another round)

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Not so good :(

Didn't really like this 1 but ur other stuff is better lol.

BurningBunnies responds:

Man this was 3 years ago! Course it's shit!

Absolutly Amazing

Random stuff for the win! We need more people like you out there to induce cutter randomness into the world. Me and my friends try the best we can, but i dont think its enough. YOU GO DUDE!!!!!!!!

BurningBunnies responds:


Genies like to eat baby farts...

I just figured you could appreciate my random humor. I absolutely loved the montage of completely unrelated animations. It seems as if it was specifically engineered toward my diblitating ADD. Coffee is good. I hated the clown. Loved the fat guy. Thought the square was weird....(You should add a screamer in there...i thought one was coming)...overall, this rocked my dyslexia. Thanks for this sub.

BurningBunnies responds:

Erm, no problem! This was made like 2 years ago, I'm better and more stupid now.


I don't know if I misunderstood something but I think I actually seen something like humour *noir*. I don't like very much this kind of humour but this was cool anyway.

moomoo farm

moo moo farm is a hard track for me. i keep driving into those damn furret things. i kick ass on sky garden, on time trial i finished it in one minute and 43 seconds, and the music is much cooler in sky garden.i always race as luigi and. i thought that cartoon was fairly good . i was just wondering. i got close to beating dk in moo moo farm he is a ghost.the image of crappy clown is good but it's only one still image, if you animated him it would be twice no, three times as good.beliieve it or not there is alot of shortcuts in moo moo farm.i need to give you some advice on walking because some animators can do the wildest things but they can't make their charachters walk and that is the thing that gives them away andthen you know they're just a rookie.there is a dozen shortcuts in peach gardens, i also beat the ghost in that track.its easy to animate anything else as long as you have enough experience but walking is what separates the rookies from the pros. i suggest you study walking before posting anything else.you will look far more superior to any other animator in newgrounds.power boost drifting is a real bitch with luigi, he keeps hitting the damn side. i hope this helps, walking is a series of falling over and catching youself right in time, you are continuosly doing timber, in basic terms. waluigi pinball has to have a cool shortcut somewhere i have have these many charachters left 2679

BurningBunnies responds:

You keep switching between mario kart and flash know how. Man, you rock. Thanks for taking the time to write all of these reviews. As I am a lowly n00b. Well, not for long. Plz wait till UGP 2 comes out! It'll rock!

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3.77 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2006
9:32 AM EST
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