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Sex Kitten - Megamart

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What better time is there than just before Valentines day to take a sexy girl to the shops. Have fun working through mini-games as hot Cat girls once again sling abuse at you from all angles.

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this game not good

For the card game, just click the same card over and over until you get it.
For the quiz 122133121311322
For both of the rapid fire minigames... I luckily have a touch screen, so I just zoomed in as far as I could to the button, and clicked it with my finger... Still difficult, but far easier than clicking. I got over 85 on my first try for the blowjob one.
For the maze, drag your mouse to the left as soon as it starts, bring it all the way over and come into the exit from the right, it takes a few tries, but it's easy... if you have a touch screen, just click the exit.
For the number game, just rapidly click the 1 button, and hope for the best
There's no trick for the rapidly showing number game, just get gud.
For the moving yellow circle, just hold down tab. You can get almost 100 points without any effort.
For the nipple one, rapidly press tab and space, I got around 40 clicks.

Overall, it was a good challenge, but I think the game was a little too hard... Especially with the speed based games. I can appreciate the challenge, but you're definitely pushing what a person who hasn't trained their speed clicking abilities can do. I cheated and I still just barely made the Crazy Frog one.

The FBI knocked down my door

hey bulling a teacher beocuse he does crappy games he doesn't recives money what we do here how much I need to donate and how many are they deserved >:>?

Click the nipple is next to impossible wtf