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DragonFable: FireSpawn

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This is a mini-game based on DragonFable (www.dragonfable.com), a game still in its beta stage. The main character, Galanoth also appears in AdventureQuest (www.battleon.com).

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U haz been reported GTFO STEALER U A COON


If he copy how did he sended (you must download, upload) but there ya no way to download any of AE's game just the OWNER of the mini-games can have it so sheddup nubbz >:(


Ok, people are complaining that this is stolen. LOOK AT THE NAME OF THE AUTHOR, AND THEN LOOK AT THE NAME OF THE TOWN IN ALL OF THE AE GAMES!! "BATTLEON"!! If you click on the author's name, it takes you to his account page where it says straight out that "danbattleon" is AE's Official Newgrounds Account. ANYWAY, it is a little tough to get the jump right, seeing how the desert is full of things you need to jump over, and a jump distance that doesn't quite cut it for ease of use (I kept landing on cacti and rocks). Other than that, it was ok. Animation, 6/10 (the cape isn't flowing, but you guys at AE still have a bit of trouble with that), Art, 8/10, Sound, 8/10, Gameplay, 6/10.


dude this is stealing you can get sued casue this game is artix entrtainment copmanys game and it was trade marked