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Floating Island Dance

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Author Comments

***Sprite haters please leave now***

Just a short Sonic dance quickie I decided to make before I continue with The Ultimate Form Pt2.It originally was based on an inside joke,but I expanded on it so most people should enjoy it.

NOTE:I forgot my Beta Testers



I like IT! I've ADDed it 2 my fav list!


it was ok but sonic and knuckles moves were kinda whack (a personal note 2 sonic: lose some pounds before u try belly dancing)^_^

Zer0-exy responds:

It was my first dancing sprite flash...and it was a quickie that I didn't exactly care about making it look spectacular.But yeh anyway thanks for the review :)


It was alright I guess. It was kind of boring, and not very attention grabbing. I'm really not to partial to sprite movies either.

Zer0-exy responds:

You don't have to like it,but I didn't make any of you sprite haters watch it to begin with.

it was allright

it was okay in my mind, the sprite work was very well done, and i liked you you turned an alarm into... whatever you cal lthat record thing. anyway i didn't like the fact that sonic was better than knuckles (cause we all know knux pwns) his dancing didn't look anywhere near as good.

Zer0-exy responds:

First,I didn't turn the alarm into a turntable.The person who made the sprite sheet did.So please give him your praise.

Second,the reason Sonic had better dance moves was because there isn't a Knuckles dancing sprite sheet out yet.I made his moves from the Sonic 3 sprite sheet so he doesn't have great moves like the pelvic thrust.Sorry,but I did the best I could on his moves.

And third,thanks for your review. :)


The text boxes were ugly and took too long. Also, up the audio quality.

If you do something like this again, here's something you might want to try dude, just use the walking loop sprite and make him move backwards instead of forwards and you have a perfect moonwalk. See you at .net

Zer0-exy responds:

Oh for God's sake!First they go to fast now they take too long.If I had the patience to wait on voice actors I would.But I don't so I won't.Deal with it,please.

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Credits & Info

2.31 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2006
10:56 PM EST
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