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Hello I'm new to flash, thus, this is my first animation! (Created with a lot help from Finnian). It's a presentation I was employed to create for a local school to encourage the new international students who don't speak much English (thats why its so slow paced) to dress properly. Due to having to put up with a $10 microphone and computers that crashed numerous times, it was completed over about 2 weeks. Please don't take the serious uniform to heart, it's all a bit of fun! I'm not trying to tell you all you should be wearing this stuff.



I hav som questions, are they saying Mr.B or Mr.Been? Why do som of the characters sound a little stuffy? last question why does this Mr.B care so much is he like a principal or som thing?, but other them my questions ILOV this vid:3


I'm not sure this is so fit for purpose, as you intentionally made the good kids dis-likable, thus encouraging students not to be like them.

Still, 10 for humor, due to the voices (David's mainly XD).

0 for violence, but violence would be seriously out of place here, so it is a good 0.

4 for sound as it was clipping (that static-like noise) a lot, to fix that you need to put the recording volume on your microphone lower.

0 for interactivity, no explaination needed.


Excuse me, I think I'm in love.

I mean, it was very good for its intended purpose. Gets across what is and isn't allowed in a very direct manner. Plus, it's mildly amusing.

Yeriaf responds:

Thanks for the kind review =)
I actually thought the whole animation was a bit daggy, really.
So this was some welcome feedback!

I'm a good boy ^_^

The only thing. the voices they sounded pretty weird.

I want to be a good boy Mr. B.!

Very funny and original idea.

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3.20 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2006
10:19 PM EST
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