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Virtual Trumpet

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Play a virtual trumpet by blowing into your computer's microphone and using the arrow keys to control the valves!

Not working? Right click on the trumpet, go to settings, click the microphone, and flip through the menu untill you find an input that works.

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i have played trumpet for years now this is nothing like it dont even sound like it so shut up


it's a pretty neat idea making a cirtual instrument in flash! Graphics are great and it sounds pretty real as well, can't think of any improvements except maybe shortcut keys or something. Keep up the good work!


pretty good

This is some pretty good work you've done here. The sound you're using is pretty accurate and the fingerings are at least in the right order(I play). However, I had a slight problem with my microphone and couldn't enjoy it to the fullest. Also, consider matching pitches to fingerings, I'm not too sure they matched quite right, though it could just be because I'm used to hearing it in person. Also perhaps consider bringing in a musician to make suggestions as you create the program.

*Wishing I could play* :(

You should make a sequel that doen't require a microphone, or maybe make it optional. Then more people can play. ( Like me for example ;) ) Or how about Virtual Clairinet, Virtual Saxaphone, even Virtual Bagpipes! The possibilities are endless!

Awesome work.

Geez, I keep being amazed by how much you could do with flash and never knew.
I think it'd only be better if you managed to squeeze in more notes for different volume levels and turned up the game volume itself. Well, details, details. Very well done.