Behind the Magic

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The initial message in this commentary was a little rash, but it was needed while the movie was still under judgement due to common prejudice putting the fate of this submission in peril.

Behind the Magic started from a conversation i had over MSN Messenger with someone else who asked about the history of the CC. I dramatised while talking about it and ended up setting what i had said aside to make it into a cartoon.



That was an impressive flash the graphics on this flash were unbelievable and funny too i look forward to seeing more of your work if your making more flashes that is...

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stoners-lunchbox responds:

Thanks. Just one question and this goes out to the public in general:

How come the traffic has picked up again after such a long time since its release? I thought the issue was pretty much dead by now.

Either way, thanks to everyone for visiting and i hope i can release something as fun for y'all to watch as this soon enough.


I loved it

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Unlike the moron below you who thinks that the "computer voice" makes all the difference.

Thanks for watching!

Long Live the Clock Crew!

Damn, where are the classic

No computer voice = no good score

stoners-lunchbox responds:

17 year old suicidal moron = dickhead


This is what I call a clock movie! Everything was perfect! I almost fell off my chair laughing so hard! A clock flash doesn't get much better then this. The graphics were great. Nice backgrounds and nice character drawings. Perfect style to this. Never in my life have I seen a clock movie like this. It was a nice change of pace! Exellent voices. Starting from the narrator to the main characters! I wish there was some violence in this flash though. Would have been a nice touch. This flash was just flat out hilarious! The speed of Strawberry Clock and Orange Clock's conversation was perfect. That's wad made this funny. I honestly don't think it could be any funnier. The Star Syndicate comment was great! Over all this is a great clock movie, probably one of the best I've seen. The only thing that could be improved is some violence and make your next one longer! Great job makeing this flash. Keep up the good work!

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Thanks a bunch for the wave of suggestions. Violence would've been the icing on the cake, i guess. As for a "next time", i'm thinking about making something, but no promises as of yet.


ahahahaha......ha.f***ing funny

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Yes. I too would laugh if i was watching one of my cartoons. But i'm not you, so i'll just... Thank you... for appreciating my, umm... humour.

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3.95 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2006
6:52 AM EST
Comedy - Parody