Behind the Magic

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The initial message in this commentary was a little rash, but it was needed while the movie was still under judgement due to common prejudice putting the fate of this submission in peril.

Behind the Magic started from a conversation i had over MSN Messenger with someone else who asked about the history of the CC. I dramatised while talking about it and ended up setting what i had said aside to make it into a cartoon.


I love this behind the magic scene!

great work i just saw what a anti cloc dude said he was really dumb.He's just jalous becouse he can't make such a fine piece of work .

stoners-lunchbox responds:

LOL... I have no idea as to who that guy is so i won't go any further.

But thanks for your feedback!

HAH that was Swell!

Nice one my Friend... You can only imagine what he would say behind our backs. And also its good to see you reply to Idiotic, Ignorant NG people who think this movie sucked.. When infact it was pretty Damn swell... Keep up the good work my man.. And i hope to see some more Clock stuff from you again.... Much <3


stoners-lunchbox responds:


i love it!

w00t are there any easter eggs ?

stoners-lunchbox responds:

No. I wish i added easter eggs... Maybe i should add them from now on. Easter eggs are fun and funny...

Thanks for the idea!

greeat, but anti-clocks may like this

anti-clocks may like this, as it is amti-clockish, and i LIKE, nay LOVE it

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Every audience likes this. Clocks, Anti-Clocks and fence sitters. That's why i thought it was a good film to post. This way i could make everyone happy, rather than being given bias votes by people who couldn't relate.

Anyway, thanks for watching!

Why did you use &quot;these&quot; so often?

You don't use quotation marks when accenting things.

That's my main problem. Everything else was nice.


stoners-lunchbox responds:

And... That's why you think the movie deserves a five out of ten?

Anything else you might've needed to add to make your point valid?

.......Thought so...

This counts towards my "Newgrounds' biggiest fucking idiots" list, by the way.

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3.95 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2006
6:52 AM EST
Comedy - Parody