For My Valentine

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Hello Everyone!
This is my first flash sub to Newgrounds. I hope it's okay... I was just really mucking around with different drawing styles and situations and ended up with a V-Day flash dedicated to my boyfriend. He's the blonde guy in the vid by the way. If anythings wrong tell me and I'll try to fix it... but otherwise, I hope you all enjoy it!

*EDIT* We broke up a few months later. Jerk.



this is one to remember, going on my list...

One of the best

Wow, that was a really good movie! My eyes where dagged to the schreen!
If this where your first one, then i surely will be waiting for the next!

TazSaints responds:

Thanx! I'll try to not keep everyone waiting for too long then!


Graphics: 9 They are just beautiful!Good colors.
Style: 8 Yeah you got talent :)
Sound: 6 Only one music ok but it is not a bad choice.
Violence: 1 Well...
Interactivity: 0 That is normal for a movie.
Humor: 2 Yeah sometimes its fun.

This movie is just great, no boring part, make more :)
Conclusion: It should be in the top 50 right now!

Well done! :)

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Wow three depressions in a row

This will be my second valetines day single. Sigh oh well. At least there are some happy people still left in this world. I hope you the best of wishes and great flash video by the way. Keep up the good work.

A feel good flash.

This made my day. keep up the great work.;)

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4.18 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2006
5:33 AM EST
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