For My Valentine

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Hello Everyone!
This is my first flash sub to Newgrounds. I hope it's okay... I was just really mucking around with different drawing styles and situations and ended up with a V-Day flash dedicated to my boyfriend. He's the blonde guy in the vid by the way. If anythings wrong tell me and I'll try to fix it... but otherwise, I hope you all enjoy it!

*EDIT* We broke up a few months later. Jerk.


indeed it was okay...

...it wasn't the absolute zenith but it wasn't bad, like i said it was pretty great!

that was stupid

I gave you a 1 for sound because that song was stupid, and I could'nt understand any of the words.


terrible. yeah i know everyone wants to be soft on the teen girl submission (which we dont see too often around here), but really how could you honestly like this flash?

it was horrible!! as if the animation wasnt horrid enough, it was accompanied by annoying ass "music". i feel harassed.

BUT, it was your first flash (?), so, good job. not the worst starting point ive seen. also, congrats on the luck of getting on front page.. and getting good ratings. really i dont understand how any of these things happened.

That sucked

Sorry, didn't like it.
The story went all over the place and it didn't have a plot.
And, the ending was just horrible.

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4.18 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2006
5:33 AM EST
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