For My Valentine

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Hello Everyone!
This is my first flash sub to Newgrounds. I hope it's okay... I was just really mucking around with different drawing styles and situations and ended up with a V-Day flash dedicated to my boyfriend. He's the blonde guy in the vid by the way. If anythings wrong tell me and I'll try to fix it... but otherwise, I hope you all enjoy it!

*EDIT* We broke up a few months later. Jerk.


It was alright.

Frankly, I think this looks like it was heavily inspired by Gaia Online. Am I right?

Btw, add me to MSN? I use AOL, and my email is ChaseMcCaskill. ^_^

Cute Video... Mehh Just About everything else.

This is like one of the few NG flashes that plays a lighter tone on entertainment (Not that most of us actually care... we are usually off playing Crimson Warfare or Ray {Both good games/flashes but I am getting off subject.}) But unlike others, this just lacks polish where this truely could have shine.

But for your first ever try, Congrats! The art (no matter how anime inspired which is starting to get to me but not much.) was good though inconsenstent at times. And it does play a cute string on my not-as-shallow heart with TODAY (OMFG! Glad I don't have any friends) Valentine's Day. At least this could serve as a last-ditch OMG-please-don't-kill-me-for-forgetting-today-was-Valentine
's Present.

All in all, could improve a little but hey, your better (Not as lazy) than/as me. Keep it up!=)

It's Cute.

Started out kinda shakey, but got better towards the middle. I like the anime style artwork. Certainly better than any I've produced, especially considering it's a flash animation. I am loathe to say this, but it's cute. I kinda wish it hadn't gone onto all the anime parody stuff, but hey, what's important is the message, right?

:~> Weak

Well, I bet your valentine found that really romantic, but it wasn't very ellaborate or even fun for your audience here in NG, was it? Sure it was a nice job, your drawing is nice and I'm sure you spent some time on that, but the music was annoying and the girl-hunting-heart animation wasn't interesting or funny enough.

Sorry, but that's my sincere opinion on your movie.

# Poirot #

TazSaints responds:

I can completly understand where you're coming from, but for my first flash sub, I was just quite glad to have finished it when I got to the end. I promise I'll do better ones as time goes on. :)


This one time I saw two guys kissing in the park and until this flash that was the gayest thing I'd ever seen. Better luck next time.

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Feb 10, 2006
5:33 AM EST
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